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What Happens During a Cyber Attack?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

These days, cyber crimes are more prevalent due to so many people teleworking. Do you know what actually happens during a cyber attack?

Mistakes will be made. Mistakes most likely will be made due to the panic caused by a cyber attack. Train your team to rely on a solid incident response plan in place as well as playbooks to fall back on.

Evidence is often deleted or tampered with. These can happen by accident or intentionally. Evidence is necessary to report the attack correctly. A response team should be well-versed in preserving evidence.

Facts are needed, but none may be found. During a cyber-attack, facts should be readily available. But when everyone is scrambling around trying to find facts, the system is already compromised.

Communication breakdowns can occur. During a cyber attack is NOT the time to be unclear with communications. Crisis communication must be a part of response training.

Stay ahead of cyber criminals with Lydell Security Threat Services. Our world-class threat services protect the intellectual property of your company, clients, and stakeholders.

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