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Lydell Security Services - Cyber Securit
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Threat Services

Stay ahead of cyber criminals with Lydell Security Threat Services. Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019. Our world-class threat services protect the intellectual property of your company, clients, and stakeholders.  

Incident Response

Lydell Security works quickly to stop cyber attacks and prevents data breaches. Our team has responded to the worlds most advanced threat actors for large organizations such as the Federal Reserve Bank, the New York Stock Exchange, and Cisco.

Threat Hunting

Once endpoint security and incident response strategies are set into place, our skilled team goes on the offensive and digs deep to stop attackers already inside the network. This layered security strategy is very effective in stopping cyberattacks.

Compromise Assessments

Cyber security compromise assessments aggressively identify ongoing or past attacker activity in your environment. Then, they determine the best course of action to remediate threats in progress and increase your ability to respond effectively to future threats.

Post Compromise Assessment

Post Compromise Assessment services allow your business to evaluate the network for signs of an ongoing cyber attack or a post attack. Assessing the damage helps to prevent it from reoccurring.

Security Operations Development

The right security operation suite improves security effectiveness and helps your organization proactively deal with the latest advanced security threats. Lydell Security Operations Development services get your development, security, and operations teams communicating effectively and working toward a single purpose.

Threat Intelligence

Cyber threats must be counteracted with a vast knowledge of the tools and tactics threat actors utilize. Our team’s high level of threat intelligence, expertise, and dedication, along with our advanced technologies, help your organization stay safe from data breaches.

Managed Detection & Response Services

Our MDR services combine technology with human analysis to offer organizations a better way to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. With 24/7/365 threat monitoring, alerting, and proactive threat hunting, we provide deeper detection of the most sophisticated security incidents.

Security Assessments & Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring your organization is compliant with standards and regulations is vital, no matter what industry you’re in. Not following compliance standards can lead to loss of important information, fines, and more. Go beyond traditional compliance solutions with Security Assessments & Regulatory Compliance services that help to reduce your risk by addressing the challenges of your business.

Ransomware Assessment

Ransomware is a huge risk for any business with data stored on their network. The cost of this threat is expected to reach $20 billion by 2021. We help to prevent a ransomware attack by conducting a readiness assessment to determine susceptibility within your business.

Security Controls Assessment

During our assessment, we review your organization’s compliance requirements and assess the ability to protect information assets against cyber threats. We also assess the effectiveness of current security controls. 

PCI Compliance

Meeting and maintaining PCI compliance can be challenging. We ensure businesses meet PCI DSS Compliance in multi-cloud and hybrid environments by identifying struggles and creating solutions.


Our team knows that privacy is an attribute that makes systems trustworthy. We identify and manage privacy risks arising from third party processes and applications, systems, and more.

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Cloud Security Consulting

Currently, 67% of enterprise infrastructure is cloud-based, and that number is growing. As more businesses continue to move their assets and applications to the cloud, cloud security and compliance strategies must be at the forefront. Lydell Security creates and implements comprehensive cloud security and compliance models that maintain security and take the burden off IT teams.

Cloud Configuration Review

We conduct a full review of your cloud environment to find vulnerabilities, mitigate risk, and identify potential improvements.

Cloud Security Architecture Assessment

Through our in-depth assessment of your current cloud security environment and needs, we devise an expert-driven approach to proactively secure your business.

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Solution Deployment & Management

Deploying new technology and rolling out complex systems requires a coordinated process that involves the installation and configuration of necessary applications and updates. Our Solution Deployment & Management services simplify this process and implement the best strategies so your organization can function at its optimum capacity.

IDS Deployment and Management

Our Intrusion and Detection System experts constantly watch your network to identify and stop possible threats.

EDR Deployment and Management

Lydell Security effectively contains, eliminates, and stops the spread of threats at the endpoint with Endpoint Detection and Response services

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Adversarial Security Testing

Discovering security risks and vulnerabilities to your business is just the first step in our Adversarial Security Testing. We use our expertise and efficiency to conduct tests with results that achieve compliance with laws and industry mandates. As a result, organizations benefit from improved capabilities and security.



Implemented with other security tactics, Vulnerability Management services identify, evaluate, treat, and report system vulnerabilities so your business can be one step ahead of attackers.



Using a controlled environment, our team evaluates the security of application systems and IT infrastructures to safely detect and exploit vulnerabilities.

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