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Who We Are

Lydell Security LLC is a Cyber Security Consulting firm dedicated to providing world-class cyber security solutions and capabilities to combat tomorrow’s threats TODAY.


We solve problems critically and intuitively, expertly providing the security functionality your business needs. Our extensive frontline expertise and proactive approach enable businesses to focus less on cyber security risks and threats and focus more on their business growth and success.

Lydell Security was founded by Larry Barksdale, a cyber security expert who is adept at discovering and responding to the world’s most advanced cyber threats. Mr. Barksdale has an established record of leading teams, driving cutting-edge technology and security initiatives, and pioneering positive change for the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank, and more.

The protection of your company's sensitive business systems and data is priceless. Lydell Security has provided protection for companies from some of the world's most advanced cyber threats using advanced incident response services, adversarial security testing, and cyber security consulting services.


Our mission is to continue to help businesses make sure that their sensitive data stays in the right hands.

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